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Heggy smile

Heggy Castaneda

Creative Technologist with a flair for intuitive user experience design

I am passionate about social good and believe that sharing means caring.


JS Conference Talk: a place where users could watch videos and submit a contact form.

  • User-friendly feature: form auto-clear, sticky form.
  • RegEx Form validation.
  • Web security feature: preventing cross-site scripting (XSS) attack by scrubbing data with scrubInput function.

Parallax: a fun project that uses Math to manipulate images' position.

  • CSS absolute positioning using viewport width and height.
  • When the window loads jQuery's .mousemove() method listens for movement of the mouse. This calls mouseMove() function which gives parallax effect.

YelpEat: a restaurant review web app that incorporates accessibility ("a11y") for diverse users for diverse screen sizes with various network speeds.

  • Read an existing code base and add new features ie: Responsive for any viewport displays, color contrast checker by Webaim.
  • Increase performance of the site by registering service worker
  • Make the site accessible by adding ARIA roles, skip to main link, ALT Text for images

Work Experience

Front End Developer


May 2019 - Feb 2020

  • Built reusable React components design system library with Storybook in an agile team.

Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Development

Jan 2019 - May 2019

  • Developed mobile-first responsive small business lawn care website.
  • Grew customer base by setting up social media presence on Yelp.

Check out my complete work history on LinkedIn.


UCSC-Ext at Silicon Valley, CA

Internet programming certificate, 2018

JavaScript frameworks

Cisco SkillZone - San Francisco, CA

Business data analysis certificate, 2015

10 months full-time program.

UNC-Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

Core coursework:

  • Science of mathematical modeling.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Mathematical optimization.